DDMM - Dual Display Mouse Manager

Will be updated with better description in the future.

If you understand nothing from the Flash animation below, then you probably don't need this program.

Will be updated with better screenshots and their descriptions in the future.

Jun 30th, 2010
Looks like "shortly" is not very short, but it's finally here. Big thanks to my good friend Avi Werner. The brand new site is finally in the air, and it took only 1 evening (and part of the night, but who counts...) to make, or should I say, integrate from various ready-made sources with (quite) some work. Changelog posted on the site. VS2008 stands open on my laptop with tons of changes to be finished, but I can't find time for it. I will.

Apr 13th, 2010
Seriously upgraded the application and released the files. Changelog included in the sources. Still didn't find the time to update this site, but will do that shortly.

Oct 22nd, 2009
Just finished this app and put it online (version 1.0b). I wrote this app in C# using .NET framework. Sources are available at sourceforge (not sure I released the correct files though). I tested this app on my 2 computers only. For a stupid reason I have to provide a dll along with the standalone exe, I'll have to find a way to fix that. I suppose GPU drivers will offer such a feature sooner or later, I just wrote this app because I couldn't find any good solution right now.

To do:

  • Install a global hook to reclip mouse upon focus change, and not each 1/2 sec.
  • Allow keyboard shortcut changes for the following functions:
    • Enable/disable mouse management
    • Restore settings
    • Teleport mouse to the next region
    • Teleport mouse to the previous region (also needs added support)
  • In automatic mode - detect the actual touching boundaries of adjacent displays and not only boundaries of the current display, and fire tray icon notification only on touching boundaries.
  • Create and destroy the preview forms instead of only hiding them.
  • Change the notification icons to show the current screen number, to support more than 2 monitors.
  • Fix some bugs.


  • Preview rectangles were set as option, allowing to enable / disable them, with default disabled.
  • Fully automatic mode was added and set as default:
    • The program reacts automatically to any display configuration/resolution changes.
    • Preview rectangles are updated accordingly, if preview enabled and program not minimized.
    • Coordinates are automatically recalculated for any change and can't be entered manually in automatic mode.
  • "Mouse teleport" mechanism was added to teleport mouse between displays with a keyboard shortcut.
  • Some optimizations were made in the code to reduce CPU load on mouse movement.
  • Since the program has no taskbar icon, it can be "lost" when the focus is lost, so the window was made topmost when open, and its design was changed a bit to incorporate new options.
  • Changed the tray icon menu to include "restore" option.
  • Changed the tray icon left click behavior to restore on single click.
  • Added exit hook, removing the global hooks and restoring control on forced exit.


  • Base version released